This is the End, Beautiful Friends

January 31, 2017

And the last goodbyes of thousands of voices cried out over the distance between us…

A timelapse of The Renegade Guild’s Isle of Tears mansion

January 19, 2017

A timelapse of a single six hour day at The Renegade Guild’s Isle of Tears mansion

Real Dereth

January 7, 2017

Images created using Terragen software

Solclaim Mansion List

April 13, 2014

Home is where the buffbot is…


February 5, 2013

Finally, you’ll understand how to pronounce Gharun’dim…

Hey you, what’s that sound?

March 26, 2012

Zip file of all in-game sounds, great for ring tones and alerts, and strolls down memory lane.

Deathspawner turns 126

April 11, 2004

It’s not every day that your friend turns 126, so naturally we all ran to Ayan and captured it in a series of stills.

AC Movie

April 9, 2004

Nakamuro Zataki’s Nekkid Aerlinthe Run

December 4, 2003

The original crew and the original nekkid Aerlinthe runs. We were so young.

Reign of Terror Comic

October 24, 2003

October 2003, along with the usual teaser images for that month, Turbine published these five pages of Comic book style teasers.  

Farewell Bat

December 12, 2002

People come and people go, but no one will ever forget Bat and his ode to Trout…

Press Kit

November 22, 2002

Official Press Kits are available for Throne of Destiny, Asheron’s Call 2: Legion and Turbine corporate.

Yet another nekkid Aerlinthe run

November 7, 2002

I mean, what else are you going to do but strip down to your skivvies and run a dangerous dungeon?

We’ve been trouted

November 4, 2002

An odd but long standing tradition was to ‘trout’ a friend’s mansion by placing hundreds of fish everywhere until the framerate dropped.

A Trip to the Edge of the World

September 20, 2002

Forever seeking adventure, we travelled to the edge of the map, and in our fashion, got naked.

AC Verdict Videos

September 19, 2002

Nekkid Queen Quest

August 29, 2002

Who else would brave the Olthoi swarms completely naked?

Update Notes – August 2002 – Atonement

August 12, 2002

An uneasy peace had settled over the town since the final defeat of the Elemental Generals and the appearance of the portal to Gaerlan’s Sanctum.

The Way Home

August 2, 2002

In August of 2002 a Portal to Ispar opened. Shortly after, fireworks appeared in the area, but this puzzle may not have been solved…

Update Notes – July 2002 – Repercussions

July 12, 2002

The darkness was all around Nuhmudira now. As her strength faded, the sound of footsteps and visits grew more infrequent.

Update Notes – June 2002 – Castling

June 14, 2002

Any comfort brought to the people by the victories against the Bronze Statues and their new weapons was shattered by the assault on their Queen and the destruction of her castle by the insane Martine.

The Adventures of Jimbo the Golden Gromnie

June 7, 2002

See Dereth thru Jimbo’s golden eyes as we take him on all our adventures!

Have you seen this patron?

May 25, 2002

Sometimes people go missing from Dereth…thankfully we eventually found him but it took this kind of campaign to get him back.

Update Notes – May 2002 – Hidden Vein

May 13, 2002

Spring is in full bloom across the land now, the snows have retreated like rabbits before a raging archmage. Dark clouds boil, thunder booms, and like thunder the bronze statues have suddenly come to life, cutting a swath of destruction through the towns.

Update Notes – April 2002 – Betrayal

April 9, 2002

Spring is arriving in Dereth, the snow steadily retreating from its warm embrace. It is said that one may find sunflowers in certain meadows.

Update Notes – March 2002 – Persuasion

March 13, 2002

Winter begins to give way to spring, the ground swells with fresh drops of rain, and the first signs of rebirth begin to spread across the land. But darkness ever looms over Dereth, a dark shadow cast by a man with revenge foremost in his mind.

Update Notes – February 2002 – Fever Dreams

February 14, 2002

As winter recedes and lets her grasp slip free of Dereth and the Isparians, a new hand takes her place. Candeth Martine was rebuffed in his attempt to infiltrate the High Queen’s Royal Guard in the dark month of Snowreap but his anger is not yet sated.

Update Notes – January 2002 – Flesh and Blood

January 22, 2002

As winter’s influence spreads across Dereth, High Queen Elysa Strathelar intensifies her defense of the three remaining arrival outposts.

Update Notes – December 2001 – The First Strike

December 1, 2001

Rumbling over the mountains and pouring into the valleys, winter has come once again to Dereth.

Update Notes – November 2001 – The Gathering Storm

November 1, 2001

The Virindi have been defeated, and their allies, the Tumeroks, have retreated to the desert and Direlands from whence they came. The Virindi fortresses, marring the skylines of the capital cities, have been banished with the defeat of the rogue contingent, their taint removed at long last.

Expansion – October 2001 – Dark Majesty

October 2, 2001

Asheron’s Call Dark Majesty is now upon us.

Update Notes – October 2001 – The Widening Gyre

October 1, 2001

The fires have been stoked across Dereth to ward off the coming of the harvest season’s chill. Brave souls press even further against the Virindi tide in an effort to stave their advances and finally bring the cloaked beings to heel.

Update Notes – September 2001 – Keep your Enemies Closer

September 1, 2001

The weary warriors locked in the struggle with the Virindi have found some small measure of respite, as the assaulting Virindi forces retreat into their fortified holdings.

Update Notes – August 2001 – Crests of a Turbulent Sea

August 1, 2001

It had been several months since the world saw magic this great in scope and power. Now it comes again, but this time it is from an enemy that remains obtuse.

Update Notes – July 2001 – Lost in the New Horizon

July 1, 2001

As the skies continue to be tainted by the purple hue of portal space, the Virindi rebels under Levistras have reinforced their forces to claim Dereth as their own.

Update Notes – June 2001 – Chains of Command

June 1, 2001

As the sun warms the ground so that the earth may become bountiful a new threat encroaches on the land of Dereth.

Nothing like a good Hamud’s Pyreal Katar run…

May 12, 2001

See us in all our Mattie Coat and Yoroi Leggings glory!

Update Notes – May 2001 – A Changing of the Ways

May 1, 2001

Ardry sat by the campfire, nursing a cup of hot cocoa. Though trying to rest, he kept his back to the fire and his eyes watchful of the surrounding darkness.

Adventures with Tana Vale & Walter Mitty

April 18, 2001

Adventures with Tana Vale, Walter Mitty, Ellen Ripley, Sarak al-Kabal and Summer Gale.

AC Linvak Tour

April 17, 2001

Update Notes – April 2001 – A Reign of Stone

April 1, 2001

Linvak Tukal has stood as a mystery to the Isparians since the fog surrounding it was lifted. Now as the snows of the lower mountains retreats beneath the springtime sun the last vestiges of the fog fade from the citadel, revealing portals guarded by Lugian Raiders, besieging the Lugians within.

Update Notes – March 2001 – Spring’s Sorrows

March 1, 2001

The winter snows have given way to the song of spring across Dereth. As the land awakens from its slumber the Children of Ispar find the stirrings of adventure filling their hearts once again.

Update Notes – February 2001 – Lonely in the World

February 1, 2001

The powers of magic had been growing ever since the defeat of the Hopeslayer. But all is not well on Dereth.

Update Notes – January 2001 – Now in this Hush

January 1, 2001

After several months of living in the darkness cast by the shadows of the Hopeslayer and his minions, the children of Ispar looked out onto the land and saw that the taint of hate and corruption was diminishing.

2000 Dec Timelapse Video

December 9, 2000

Update Notes – December 2000 – The Child of Daralat

December 1, 2000

The hand of Bael’Zharon caressed Dereth, and the w

Update Notes – November 2000 – Should the Stars Fall

November 1, 2000

A herald burned across the southern sky one morning; a fiery drop, like the Watcher that visits Auberean every few hundred years, yet moving far more quickly.

Update Notes – October 2000 – Hollow Victory

October 1, 2000

he night skies cleared. Stars flickered to life in the void. The glowering volcanic face of Rez’arel and pale, mysterious Alb’arel rose again along their courses.  

Update Notes – September 2000 – Twilight’s Gleaming

September 1, 2000

On the dawn of the 8th of Thistledown, Isparians awoke to find the world turned upside down. Overnight, the fearsome Shadow Spires had descended upon Tufa and Cragstone.

Update Notes – August 2000 – Taste of Twilight

August 1, 2000

At the beginning of Verdantine, shooting stars began to grace the heavens with increasing frequency.

Update Notes – July 2000 – To Raise a Banner of Flame

July 1, 2000

The Shadow Spires continued their slow, imperturbable glide over the landscape, moving towards goals none could yet guess.

Update Notes – June 2000 – The Paths of Destruction

June 1, 2000

The Shadow Spires, which held ceaseless vigil over six towns since Wintersebb, began to move.

Postmortem: Asheron’s Call

May 25, 2000

Asheron’s Call was a ridiculously ambitious project for an unproven team. Yet despite this naïveté (or more likely because of it), the final product is frighteningly close to the original goal of the project.

Update Notes – May 2000 – Hero’s Respite

May 1, 2000

A hush fell upon the land. The sun, so recently dimmed to a wan, bloody red, flared bright yellow once more.

Update Notes – April 2000 – Thorns of the Hopeslayer

April 1, 2000

In Morningthaw, darkness and blood flooded the land in equal measure.

Update Notes – March 2000 – Darkness Ascendant

March 1, 2000

The festive spring atmosphere of flowers, bees, and marriage ceremonies was disturbed by a series of earthquakes that preceded the eruption of bizarre Shadow Spires across the face of Dereth.

Update Notes – February 2000 – Shadows of the Past

February 1, 2000

Not all the news was worrisome. The land continued to recover from the damage wrought by the Great Work of the Gelidites.

Update Notes – January 2000 – Dark Thaw

January 1, 2000

As the heat seeped back into the earth, snowlines receded. Patches of slush still dotted the landscape, but hints of green returned to most of the land. All was not well, however.

Update Notes – December 1999 – Sudden Season

December 1, 1999

In the month known as Frostfell, the isle of Dereth was beset by a sudden freeze.

AC Preview Trailer

September 9, 1999