This is the End, Beautiful Friends

By Ellen Ripley, January 31, 2017

Asheron Called – We Answered.
On June 6th 2000 Asheron’s Call opened a new set of servers, including Solclaim, which so many of us came to call home.
On January 31st 2017 Asheron’s Call shut down its servers.

And the last goodbyes of thousands of voices cried out over the distance between us…

This is Solclaim on the last day, in the last few hours, inside the Yaraq meeting hall. You can see Ellen in the front row, third from the right in the black robe, sitting proudly next to Panzerfaust. Deathspawner is in a white robe with a pumpkin on his head, somewhere in there.

Though this realm may no longer exist for us, it shaped our lives for seventeen years. Friends were made and lost, adventures were had and fondly remembered. We shared in something that shaped the future of online gaming and communities. We did this, this was our world, and it will forever be a part of our lives, and our history.

Here’s Deathspawner’s video of the final few seconds we will ever know of Dereth.