The Adventures of Jimbo the Golden Gromnie

By Ellen Ripley, June 7, 2002

See Dereth thru Jimbo’s golden eyes.

Jimbo the Golden Gromnie was a parting gift from a very dear friend, Victor Mage of Battle.

I proudly welcomed him into my home and into my guild. He is an honourary member of the Renegade Guild.

At first he seemed so sad, hopping around my villa. Eventho he had many little friends to play with in the backyard, I could tell he still craved to hear of the adventures his previous owner told so well. My adventures are not nearly as heroic, so I decided to take Jimbo along with me wherever I went, making sure he saw and did many of the things he had only previously heard about from Vic. Sure at the end of the day, he still curls up in front of the fireplace or stares longingly out to the inner sea, but hopefully he can be happy here with us someday.