The Renegade Guild

We are the Renegade Guild. Built on strength, friendship and honour above all.

We are a close knit guild of adventurers in the world of Solclaim.
“We will go anywhere to die!” is a commonly heard battlecry amongst our family.

So if you see a lone Renegade out there, do not assume they are truly alone, for we have many whom we can call on. Our paths are ones we choose for ourselves. At times we choose to walk that path in solitude, for we are strong on our own merits. But if you see several Renegades coming your way, know we are strongest when we are together. Nobody gets left behind, and no body gets left behind.

If you are in need, call on a Renegade without hesitation, for it is the strength of many that gives power to the one. We aim to please, but we shoot to kill.

If this is the life you seek for yourself, know that you are welcome to run with the Renegades. But beware, it is not decision to be made lightly. There is no glamour, no easy life for a Renegade. We take neither the high road nor the low road, we forge a path of our own. We are the Renegade Guild.

We lived here.