Deathspawner turns 126

April 11, 2004

  Yes this is a series of screenshots, I did not have Fraps then…sadly. Sorry DS, I’m sure you have a better video of this than I do.

Farewell Bat

December 12, 2002

People come and people go, but no one will ever forget Bat and his ode to Trout…

Yet another nekkid Aerlinthe run

November 7, 2002

Boy, we did a lot of these…

We’ve been trouted

November 4, 2002

An odd but long standing tradition was to ‘trout’ a friend’s mansion but placing hundreds of fish everywhere until the framerate dropped. This is a record of the Trouting of the Renegade Guild Mansion. (and let’s just not talk about what I’m wearing, ok?) Man it stank…

Nekkid Queen Quest

August 29, 2002

The Adventures of Jimbo the Golden Gromnie

June 7, 2002

See Dereth thru Jimbo’s golden eyes. Jimbo the Golden Gromnie was a parting gift from a very dear friend, Victor Mage of Battle. I proudly welcomed him into my home and into my guild. He is an honourary member of the Renegade Guild. At first he seemed so sad, hopping around my villa. Eventho he […]

Have you seen this patron?

May 25, 2002

Sometimes people go missing from Dereth…thankfully we eventually found him but it took this kind of campaign to get him back.   Oh Borealiz, we love you so! (And your green suit!)  

Nothing like a good Hamud’s Pyreal Katar run…

May 12, 2001

Nothing quite like a good guild run. Pictured Clockwise from top: Da Bowman, Minux, Borealiz, Kasimir, Av, Ellen Ripley, Puck Lewis And yes, that’s a Mattie coat and Yoroi Leggings…